Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy

Physical therapy helps you recover from an injury, a surgical procedure or specific pain. Through physical therapy, you recover faster and have a smaller chance of re-injury. The physical therapists at the Medex Diagnostic and Treatment Center in Queens, New York focus on prevention and longevity. Their goal is to improve your quality of life. Whether you’re recovering from a procedure or need to develop an exercise program to cope with an ongoing disability, your Medex professional ensures that you do it safely and effectively. Call to make an appointment today.

Physical therapy (PT) is a body-centric form of rehabilitation, although it’s also a treatment for pain and physical limitations. It’s often prescribed following a medical procedure. When you visit the PT team at the Medex Diagnostic and Treatment Center in Queens, NY, you learn not only the proper exercises to help your body heal, but also the proper form to use when doing the exercises.

Physical therapists are licensed and trained in the art and science of improving your mobility and optimizing your body’s functioning. At Medex, PT is your best route for regaining strength and your range of motion. The goal of PT is to get you out of pain and back to enjoying life to the max. Physical therapy services include:

PT and Prevention

Preventing future injuries is always one of the goals of PT. With that objective in mind, your physical therapist prepares you to seamlessly move on from your scheduled PT appointments in the office to practicing the techniques you learned at home.

You have to use all the tips and tools you gather during your time with your therapist. Your chances of maintaining a healthier lifestyle, free from avoidable restrictions, are much higher when you keep up the practices you learn.

Your primary care doctor or pain management specialist may recommend physical therapy after you’ve suffered an injury or been bedridden for an extended period. The therapeutic process is quick and efficient if your injury was minor and you’re generally in good health. But if you’re facing extensive rehabilitation, you may require a longer commitment.

Types of Physical Therapy

The Medex Diagnostic and Treatment Center is a multi-specialty practice. You may be referred to a physical therapist following a medical procedure or treatment for a specific condition. Some of the more common types of PT offered in Queens include physical therapy that targets your:

Your physical therapy professional offers a wealth of training and experience. While you can get a referral for their services, you also can contact them directly. Popular PT programs include:

What Does PT Entail?

Your PT treatment depends on your condition, recovery goals, doctor’s orders and other personal details. Perhaps being able to move without pain is your immediate goal. Or maybe you want extensive PT to participate in a sport at full capacity again. It may be that you just need assistance getting your strength back after a lengthy illness. Your physical therapist designs a custom plan just for you.

In addition to ordinary exercises like cycling and walking, your physical therapist employs a wide range of treatment options and modalities. Each is designed to augment your standard exercise program and improve your results. Some of the treatments offered include:

The Benefits of PT

Your physical therapist works with you through all the phases of your healing. This process includes all the restorative phases of your recovery, as well as prevention education. As long as you follow the directions and participate fully in the plans, you’ll see remarkable results. Depending on your goals and your specific situation, some of the benefits of PT that you may experience include:

Contact the physical therapy specialists at the Medex Diagnostic and Treatment Center in Queens, NY about your recovery options. And when your Medex doctor recommends PT, be assured that you’ll receive the best care in New York City.

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