Foot freedom means more than just wearing sandals all year round. It means having the freedom to use your feet freely for the mobility you rely on every day. Your podiatrist is the front-line expert on feet and all the various complications that arise in your lower limbs making contact with the ground. At the Medex Diagnostic and Treatment Center, a multi-specialty practice in Queens, NY, your podiatrist focuses on prevention. Keeping your feet healthy is tantamount to foot freedom and mobility. And when you do need treatment, your Medex podiatrist rides in like the cavalry. Call today for an appointment.

Your feet take a lot of abuse, so you need to ensure they remain healthy to keep you pain-free and mobile. Feet serve as shock absorbers, points of propulsion and stabilizers whenever you move. With 36 joints, 26 bones and over 100 ligaments, muscles and tendons, your feet risk something going wrong every time you take a step.

Add to those numbers to the other bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons in your ankles and lower legs, and you have the perfect storm for creating uncomfortable and painful conditions. Your podiatrist at the Medex Diagnostic and Treatment Center in Queens, NY focuses on prevention to keep your lower extremities functioning at their best. Podiatry provides state-of-the-art foot and ankle care, along with practical tips and techniques for keeping your ankles and feet healthy.

The Healthy Foot Doctor

Your Medex doctor is experienced and trained in all matters of the feet and ankles. Your podiatrist teaches you the best ways to protect and preserve your feet to enhance your quality of life and increase your longevity. Over time, healthy lifestyle choices ensure that your feet stay strong enough to prevent future conditions that may impair your mobility.

Your podiatrist offers some of the most effective steps available to prevent both serious and mildly uncomfortable foot and ankle medical conditions, including:

Common Foot and Ankle Conditions

Little can be done to prevent congenital deformities such as clubfoot or rigid flat feet. The most frequent causes of foot problems occur from overuse, improper mobility techniques and normal wear and tear. Seniors who don’t pay close attention to daily foot care and athletes who ignore early warning signs are at the greatest risk of requiring the attention of a podiatrist.

Some of the most common foot and ankle conditions include:

Foot Treatments

Most procedures to correct foot and ankle conditions are non-invasive or minimally invasive. While you may be out of commission and unable to walk without assistance for a short time, recovery is generally smooth as long as you follow your Medex podiatrist’s instructions.

Sometimes, treatment for foot problems requires the attention of another specialist for an underlying condition, such as tumors, arthritis, or diabetic feet. At the Medex Diagnostic and Treatment Center complex, you’ll find specialists for nearly every medical field. While surgery is always the final resort, the most common procedures used to treat foot and ankle disorders include:

Early intervention gives you the best chance of a complete recovery. To discover if that pain in your ankle is something serious or not, contact your Queens podiatrist at the Medex Diagnostic and Treatment Center.

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